SHARP Vignettes

The CSA directed the DCS, G1 SHARP and OPMG (Office of the Provost Marshal General) to develop training slides focusing on the subject of sexual assaults. These slides are geared specifically towards Soldiers. Civilian vignettes are also included for use when conducting training with largely civilian audiences.

OPMG developed several vignettes containing fictional example cases from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command. The vignettes demonstrate different forms of assault with varied outcomes based on the scenario. After each OPMG scenario, we have listed either the actual outcome or a possible outcome if the adjudication process is not yet complete. Finally, we listed learning points in an effort to elicit conversation regarding key takeaways.

The DCS, G1 SHARP vignettes demonstrate situations that could lead to sexual harassment or sexual assault within units. They contain situations that may or may not have a "right" answer.

Both sets of vignettes are designed to generate discussion in small groups in order to develop a greater awareness of sexual assault and sexual harassment. They are designed to supplement SHARP training within Army units.

Users should be aware that training in both ATN and ALMS require CAC access. Access vignettes here: SHARP Vignettes, which requires CAC card login.