Criminal Investigation Command Training

The Army pioneered within DoD the use of Special Victims Units who are specially trained to deal with sexual assault cases. The Army offers a 80-hour course for all sexual assault investigators. This training occurs at the United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Course instruction includes advanced techniques in crime scene processing, trauma informed interview techniques, legal aspects of sexual assault investigations and updated and related topics concerning sexual assaults. This training has been recognized by the DoD as a best practice, and it has been expanded to train all Services' sexual assault investigators and attorneys.

Trauma informed interview training teaches law enforcement personnel to approach these cases with an understanding of how trauma affects how a victim experiences and recalls a traumatic event. The training teaches investigators that experiential and sensory information experienced by a victim are as important as the traditional information that law enforcement personnel traditionally seek when interviewing victims. The technique draws on the best practices of child forensic interviews, critical incident stress management, and motivational interview techniques that combine them into a simple approach, unlocking the trauma experience in a way that can be better understood and help investigators piece together vital investigative information.

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