Military Senior Leaders

The Army's senior leaders are responsible for today's Army and shape the Army of tomorrow. They determine the strategy and vision for sexual assault prevention and response, and they establish the policies essential for the eradication of sexual harassment and sexual assault within the Army. When they set and enforce standards of conduct, define expectations and boundaries for behaviors, promote equity and fairness, and determine priorities, they shape the culture of the Army. These leaders also provide oversight for sexual harassment and sexual assault reporting, response, and offender accountability. They directly impact the lives of the victim and the accused by how they handle expedited transfer requests, make SHARP Program staffing decisions, adjudicate cases, resource the SHARP Program and first responder capabilities, ensure the safety and confidentiality of the reporting system, support/participate in the Sexual Assault Review Board, and promote appropriate accountability. What senior leaders say and do with regard to sexual harassment and sexual assault set the tone and tenor Army-wide.