I. A.M. STRONG and Our Army Values and Warrior Ethos

How Does I. A.M. STRONG link to Our Army Values, Warrior Ethos, and Profession of Arms?

A Soldier in the United States Army stands strong - a member of a band of brothers and sisters bound together by timeless values and sharing a sense of trust with and duty and loyalty to their fellow Soldiers that is unlike any other in the world.

Their willingness to sacrifice for each other, to never leave a fallen comrade, is what makes a Soldier strong - on the battlefield, and off.

When sexual harassment or sexual assault occurs, it is not only a direct violation of our Army Core Values and Warrior Ethos, but also an assault on what it means to serve in the Profession of Arms and the Army way of life - a life in which it is our duty to protect and take care of each other no matter the time, place or circumstance. As a band of brothers and sisters, we have a personal and professional duty to intervene and prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Sexual assault is a crime. It is blue on blue. It betrays victims and their Families; erodes the bedrock of trust upon which the Profession of Arms is grounded; and has a corrosive effect on our unit readiness, team cohesion, and command environment.

The damage resulting from sexual assault extends far beyond the victim, weakening the very health and morale of our Soldiers, breaking the bond of trust within our team, shattering the confidence Soldiers have in one another, which all undermine unit readiness.

Sexual assault can be prevented. As Soldiers, our Core Values demand that we act to stop these behaviors. There are no passive bystanders. Passive bystanders who do not assist, do not report and do not try to help their fellow Soldiers as they see sexual harassment or sexual assaults occur are part of the problem. We must protect our team members. When we see or sense the risk of sexual harassment or sexual assault, we have a duty to intervene and protect our fellow Soldiers.