CEU Resources

Continuing Education

32 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are required every two years (biennially) in order to retain D-SAACP certification, at least two of these hours must focus specifically on victim advocacy ethics.

Please use page 14 of the DD Form 2950-1 or a DSAID printout whenever possible to document your CEU

Please note, if you are renewing for the second or subsequent time, your previously used CEU trainings cannot be repeated from your first renewals. If you take a training that has been updated, please be sure this is indicated in the documentation.

If you initially completed the 80-hour Foundation Course in order to obtain your D-SAACP certification and subsequently complete the SHARP Career Course at the SHARP Academy, you may use the CEUs related to the SHARP Career Course as fulfilling the CEU requirements needed to renew your certification.

Formal guidance for Continuing Education can be found on the SAPRO website. Any training that relates to victim advocacy is generally acceptable for CEUs. If you develop training or host a subject-matter-expert to provide training, you can submit a copy of the training to HQDA G1 SHARP, Prevention and Training branch for review and awarding of CEUs. Below are some resources to get you started.

General CEU Opportunities

The Army SHARP Program Office offers monthly webinars that credit attendees with 1.0 CEUs. Webinars are announced in the SHARP Monthly Newsletter, and SHARP website, and via email to SHARP professionals.

Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) Training and Technical Assistance Center online training

Contact your state sexual assault coalition – they may offer training or be able to connect you to local resources (to find your state coalition, refer to RAINN’s website)

OVC’s online advanced victim advocacy training course, open only to DSAACP certified personnel, please contact OVC for access (amsaat@ovcttac.org or 866-682-8822)

End Violence Against Women International’s Online Training Institute

The National Center on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault has a list of upcoming training around the country, including webinars.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) has listings of training and webinars.

The Battered Women’s Justice Project’s Military Advocacy Project offers technical assistance and referrals. They also offer conferences and webinars related to victim advocacy.

The NOVA Victim Assistance Academy

End Violence Against Women Online Training Institute

Health and Disability Advocates offers training on Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Connect with local crisis centers or hospitals – they may offer training or be able to come speak at your installation.

Ethics CEUs

The Office for Victims of Crime Training and Technical Assistance Center offers a 1-hour online Confidentiality and a .75-hour Ethics training module that counts towards the ethics requirement (as part of their VAT Online Core Competency & Skills catalog).

OVC Ethics in Victim Services is a trainer’s toolkit and is only acceptable if it is presented as an in person training. It is not acceptable to review the materials on your own and generate your own certificate.

The PA Coalition Against Rape & National Sexual Violence Resource Center offers a 1-hour online Ethical Practice.

Texas Victim Assistance Training Online offers a 1-hour online ethics training. Certificates are not produced right away, so please take a screen shot and submit that as proof of attendance.

The Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs offers a 1-hour online Ethics of Confidentiality training.

The Center for Disease Control offers various E-Based learning programs that off CEUs that are relevant to SHARP professionals. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

We strongly encourage SHARP professionals to join and be involved with their various state coalitions, many of whom either provide free webinars and training events or events that you can attend in your local area for a free.

The following links take you directly to each state’s individual coalition's website:

The following organizations and conferences offer CEUs:

- National Organization for Victim Assistance
- End Violence Against Women International
- National Sexual Violence Resource Center
- National Sexual Assault Conference
- Conference on Crimes Against Women
- National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault & Violence