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SHARP Annual Unit Refresher Training (URT)

In accordance with Army Directive 2018-23, Annual SHARP Refresher Training will be conducted Face-to-Face by unit leaders with assistance from credentialed SHARP personnel. Training will use the approved Department of the Army SHARP Annual Refresher Training Support Package available on the Army Training Network (ATN).

Army Directive 2018-23, further directs:

  1. Commanders will incorporate unit-level SHARP annual training into the overall training plan for the unit and document the training on unit training schedules.
  2. Commanders will determine the duration, location, and means for conducting training.
  3. The online "Standing Strong" SHARP training is no longer required training; however, the "Standing Strong" videos will remain on ALMS and can be used to enhance Face-to-Face training.
  4. Commanders will retain records of Soldiers' SHARP Annual Refresher training.

At the conclusion of Face-to-Face training, trainers must conduct a “Check on Learning” in order to meet the training standard. A Check on Learning trifold is available for use on ATN.

Training can be recorded in Digital Training Management System (DTMS) using Task: 150S-SHA-0100, Conduct Annual Face to Face SHARP Training.

Annual SHARP Refresher Training Support Package, vignettes, videos, and the Check on Learning trifold are available at SHARP Training on the Army Training Network by clicking here.